Database of North America’s phone numbers
Database of North America’s
phone numbers

Database of North America’s phone numbers


This site provides the information on telephone numbers of the USA and Canada. You will be able to determine the state and district, which any phone number belongs to.

It is also possible to search for a number by full name. This function is very useful if you are looking for classmates or just have lost the phone number of a familiar person.

All information on the site is taken from public sources and is intended for informational purpose only.

This site provides an opportunity to comment on the phone numbers of USA and Canada. The number of telephone fakers grows every year. You can view the comments on the required phone number or leave your own comment which will help other people not to fall for fraudsters’ tricks later.

You can also leave positive comments on any numbers. You can place the advertisement to attract new customers for your business as well. You can also leave your personal contacts for public presentation, thus it will be a personal page.

It is planned to establish a free SMS messaging service to numbers of the United States and Canada.


If you think that some of the posts relate to you and you want to remove them from the site, you can contact the site moderators via the feedback form.

Content displayed at the site is taken from public sources. All information on this site is intended for informational purpose and is not an official publication.

Last comments

john [ 21/05/2018 ]

do not answer, scam, pretending they are from microsoft and they want remote access to your computer to fix some bugs

Bittu kumar [ 17/05/2018 ]

Barh station bazeepur road marriage hall ke pass may he home Mobile number 9113377641

Mona [ 16/05/2018 ]

CRA scam!!!
It was an automatic message: "you are owning debt to CRA. Call back at this number otherwise you will get arrest." Scammer!!

Don’t answer [ 16/05/2018 ]

CRA scam!!!

Amir [ 16/05/2018 ]

I got a fake call saying it was a call from CRA

Martha [ 07/05/2018 ]

1-913-719-4307 ... these folks are SCAMMERS

Martha [ 07/05/2018 ]

1-913-719-4307 is a scam.

boondock saint [ 06/05/2018 ]

Scam caller

Jane [ 06/05/2018 ]

This number was a scam. He wanted me to pay $268 as my income payment on $7 million + 10,000 a month winnings. LOL

Sbsb [ 06/05/2018 ]

Called me for à warranty

Alien [ 05/05/2018 ]

High how r u

xxy [ 05/05/2018 ]

Telemarketer. Do not answer.

Computerless Joe [ 05/05/2018 ]

They called to ask if I had a computer. I said no. Obvious scam call is obvious.

Jason [ 05/05/2018 ]

strange guy with Indian ascents asking me "How are you?"

bothersome [ 05/05/2018 ]

called again in chinese

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