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Telephone Area 204. .

Phone numbers of the state Manitoba, Canada
Prefix: +1204
This prefix is distributed within the state Manitoba, Canada
The largest city in the region is Minto
Time Zone: Not defined
Winter time: Not defined
Summer time: Not defined
Below on the map, there is indicated the largest city in the telephone area +1-204-...-.... Manitoba, Canada Minto.

Phone numbers +1-204-YYY-YYYY

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Company District Major City Prefix
Winnipeg, MB+1-204201-SSSS
Brokenhead, MB+1-204205-SSSS
Arden, MB+1-204212-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204220-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204222-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204223-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204224-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204225-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204226-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204227-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204228-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204229-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204231-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204233-SSSS
Oakburn, MB+1-204234-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204235-SSSS
Brampton, MB+1-204236-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204237-SSSS
Bowsman, MB+1-204238-SSSS
Portage La Prairie, MB+1-204239-SSSS
Manitou, MB+1-204242-SSSS
Portage La Prairie, MB+1-204243-SSSS
Poplar River, MB+1-204244-SSSS
Darlingford, MB+1-204246-SSSS
Notre Dame De Lourdes, MB+1-204248-SSSS
Portage La Prairie, MB+1-204249-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204251-SSSS
Portage La Prairie, MB+1-204252-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204253-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204254-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204255-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204256-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204257-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204258-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204261-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204262-SSSS
Pine River, MB+1-204263-SSSS
Brokenhead, MB+1-204265-SSSS
Brokenhead, MB+1-204266-SSSS
Oakville, MB+1-204267-SSSS
Brokenhead, MB+1-204268-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204269-SSSS
Flin Flon, MB+1-204271-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204272-SSSS
Portage La Prairie, MB+1-204274-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204275-SSSS
Pineal Lake, MB+1-204276-SSSS
Bissett, MB+1-204277-SSSS
Inwood, MB+1-204278-SSSS
Hecla, MB+1-204279-SSSS
Bowsman, MB+1-204281-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204282-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204283-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204284-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204285-SSSS
Thicket Portage, MB+1-204286-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204287-SSSS
Ilford, MB+1-204288-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204289-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204290-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204291-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204292-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204293-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204294-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204295-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204296-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204297-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204298-SSSS
Winnipeg, MB+1-204299-SSSS
Winkler, MB+1-204312-SSSS
Altona, MB+1-204319-SSSS
Steinbach, MB+1-204320-SSSS
Warren, MB+1-204322-SSSS
Brochet, MB+1-204323-SSSS
Altona, MB+1-204324-SSSS
Winkler, MB+1-204325-SSSS
Steinbach, MB+1-204326-SSSS
Altona, MB+1-204327-SSSS
Rivers, MB+1-204328-SSSS
Easterville, MB+1-204329-SSSS