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Database of North America’s
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Telephone Area 416. .

Phone numbers of the state Ontario, Canada
Prefix: +1416
This prefix is distributed within the state Ontario, Canada
The largest city in the region is Toronto
Time Zone: Not defined
Winter time: Not defined
Summer time: Not defined
Below on the map, there is indicated the largest city in the telephone area +1-416-...-.... Ontario, Canada Toronto.

Phone numbers +1-416-YYY-YYYY

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Company District Major City Prefix
Toronto, ON+1-416200-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416201-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416202-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416203-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416204-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416205-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416206-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416207-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416208-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416209-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416210-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416212-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416213-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416214-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416215-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416216-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416217-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416218-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416219-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416220-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416221-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416222-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416223-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416224-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416225-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416226-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416227-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416228-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416229-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416230-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416231-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416232-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416233-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416234-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416235-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416236-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416237-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416238-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416239-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416240-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416241-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416242-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416243-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416244-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416245-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416246-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416247-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416248-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416249-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416250-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416251-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416252-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416253-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416254-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416255-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416256-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416258-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416259-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416260-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416261-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416262-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416263-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416264-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416265-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416266-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416267-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416268-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416269-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416270-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416271-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416272-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416273-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416274-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416275-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416276-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416277-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416278-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416279-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416280-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-416281-SSSS