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Telephone Area 506. .

Phone numbers of the state New Brunswick, Canada
Prefix: +1506
This prefix is distributed within the state New Brunswick, Canada
The largest city in the region is Tracadie
Time Zone: Not defined
Winter time: Not defined
Summer time: Not defined
Below on the map, there is indicated the largest city in the telephone area +1-506-...-.... New Brunswick, Canada Tracadie.

Phone numbers +1-506-YYY-YYYY

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Company District Major City Prefix
Saint John, NB+1-506202-SSSS
Hillsborough, NB+1-506203-SSSS
Moncton, NB+1-506204-SSSS
Port Elgin, NB+1-506205-SSSS
Fredericton, NB+1-506206-SSSS
Oromocto, NB+1-506208-SSSS
Keswick, NB+1-506209-SSSS
Newcastle, NB+1-506210-SSSS
Richibucto, NB+1-506212-SSSS
Dorchester, NB+1-506213-SSSS
Saint John, NB+1-506214-SSSS
Salisbury, NB+1-506215-SSSS
Rothesay, NB+1-506216-SSSS
Grand Bay, NB+1-506217-SSSS
Florenceville, NB+1-506221-SSSS
Baie St Anne, NB+1-506228-SSSS
Saint Quentin, NB+1-506234-SSSS
Saint Quentin, NB+1-506235-SSSS
Belledune, NB+1-506237-SSSS
Florenceville, NB+1-506246-SSSS
Baker Lake, NB+1-506258-SSSS
Fredericton, NB+1-506260-SSSS
Saint Basile, NB+1-506263-SSSS
Meductic, NB+1-506272-SSSS
Perth Andover, NB+1-506273-SSSS
Perth Andover, NB+1-506274-SSSS
Florenceville, NB+1-506276-SSSS
Woodstock, NB+1-506277-SSSS
Florenceville, NB+1-506278-SSSS
Meductic, NB+1-506279-SSSS
Kedgwick, NB+1-506284-SSSS
Bouchette, NB+1-506291-SSSS
Shediac, NB+1-506312-SSSS
Woodstock, NB+1-506323-SSSS
Woodstock, NB+1-506324-SSSS
Woodstock, NB+1-506325-SSSS
Minto, NB+1-506326-SSSS
Minto, NB+1-506327-SSSS
Woodstock, NB+1-506328-SSSS
Saint John, NB+1-506333-SSSS
Shippegan, NB+1-506336-SSSS
Shippegan, NB+1-506337-SSSS
Chipman, NB+1-506339-SSSS
Lameque, NB+1-506344-SSSS
Plaster Rock, NB+1-506355-SSSS
Plaster Rock, NB+1-506356-SSSS
Oromocto, NB+1-506357-SSSS
Saint Isidore, NB+1-506358-SSSS
Sackville, NB+1-506360-SSSS
Doaktown, NB+1-506361-SSSS
Youngs Cove Road, NB+1-506362-SSSS
Keswick, NB+1-506363-SSSS
Sackville, NB+1-506364-SSSS
Doaktown, NB+1-506365-SSSS
Harvey Station, NB+1-506366-SSSS
Stanley, NB+1-506367-SSSS
Fredericton Junction, NB+1-506368-SSSS
Boiestown, NB+1-506369-SSSS
Salisbury, NB+1-506372-SSSS
Hartland, NB+1-506375-SSSS
Dorchester, NB+1-506379-SSSS
Moncton, NB+1-506381-SSSS
Moncton, NB+1-506382-SSSS
Moncton, NB+1-506383-SSSS
Moncton, NB+1-506384-SSSS
Oromocto, NB+1-506385-SSSS
Moncton, NB+1-506386-SSSS
Moncton, NB+1-506387-SSSS
Moncton, NB+1-506388-SSSS
Moncton, NB+1-506389-SSSS
Florenceville, NB+1-506391-SSSS
Florenceville, NB+1-506392-SSSS
Tracadie, NB+1-506393-SSSS
Tracadie, NB+1-506394-SSSS
Tracadie, NB+1-506395-SSSS
Tracadie, NB+1-506397-SSSS
Tracadie, NB+1-506399-SSSS
Saint Leonard, NB+1-506421-SSSS
Oromocto, NB+1-506422-SSSS
Saint Leonard, NB+1-506423-SSSS