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Database of North America’s
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Telephone Area 647. .

Phone numbers of the state Ontario, Canada
Prefix: +1647
This prefix is distributed within the state Ontario, Canada
The largest city in the region is Toronto
Time Zone: Not defined
Winter time: Not defined
Summer time: Not defined
Below on the map, there is indicated the largest city in the telephone area +1-647-...-.... Ontario, Canada Toronto.

Phone numbers +1-647-YYY-YYYY

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Company District Major City Prefix
Toronto, ON+1-647200-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647201-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647206-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647207-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647208-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647209-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647210-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647212-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647218-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647219-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647220-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647221-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647222-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647223-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647224-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647225-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647226-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647227-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647228-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647229-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647230-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647231-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647232-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647233-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647234-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647235-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647237-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647238-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647258-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647268-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647271-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647272-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647273-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647274-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647280-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647281-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647282-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647283-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647284-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647285-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647286-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647287-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647288-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647290-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647291-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647292-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647293-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647294-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647295-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647296-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647297-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647298-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647299-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647300-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647321-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647333-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647340-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647341-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647388-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647393-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647400-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647401-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647402-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647403-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647404-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647405-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647406-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647407-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647408-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647428-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647429-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647430-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647435-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647436-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647438-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647439-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647444-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647477-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647519-SSSS
Toronto, ON+1-647588-SSSS