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Telephone Area 780. .

Phone numbers of the state Alberta, Canada
Prefix: +1780
This prefix is distributed within the state Alberta, Canada
The largest city in the region is Saint Michael
Time Zone: Not defined
Winter time: Not defined
Summer time: Not defined
Below on the map, there is indicated the largest city in the telephone area +1-780-...-.... Alberta, Canada Saint Michael.

Phone numbers +1-780-YYY-YYYY

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Company District Major City Prefix
Drayton Valley, AB+1-780202-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780203-SSSS
Whitecourt, AB+1-780204-SSSS
Lloydminster, AB+1-780205-SSSS
Westlock, AB+1-780206-SSSS
Bonnyville, AB+1-780207-SSSS
Vegreville, AB+1-780208-SSSS
Czar, AB+1-780209-SSSS
Saint Paul, AB+1-780210-SSSS
Boyle, AB+1-780212-SSSS
Boyle, AB+1-780213-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780218-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780220-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780221-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780222-SSSS
Grande Prairie, AB+1-780228-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780229-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780231-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780232-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780233-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780235-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780237-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780238-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780239-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780240-SSSS
Drayton Valley, AB+1-780241-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780242-SSSS
Fairview, AB+1-780251-SSSS
Hardisty, AB+1-780252-SSSS
Vermilion, AB+1-780259-SSSS
Wainwright, AB+1-780261-SSSS
Whitecourt, AB+1-780262-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780264-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780265-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780266-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780267-SSSS
Whitecourt, AB+1-780268-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780270-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780271-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780288-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780289-SSSS
Saint Paul, AB+1-780290-SSSS
High Prairie, AB+1-780291-SSSS
Falher, AB+1-780302-SSSS
Barrhead, AB+1-780305-SSSS
Westlock, AB+1-780307-SSSS
Wetaskiwin, AB+1-780312-SSSS
Assumption, AB+1-780321-SSSS
Nampa, AB+1-780322-SSSS
Girouxville, AB+1-780323-SSSS
Mclennan, AB+1-780324-SSSS
Wildwood, AB+1-780325-SSSS
Edmonton, AB+1-780328-SSSS
Calling Lake, AB+1-780331-SSSS
Grimshaw, AB+1-780332-SSSS
Swan Hills, AB+1-780333-SSSS
Anzac, AB+1-780334-SSSS
Viking, AB+1-780336-SSSS
Berwyn, AB+1-780338-SSSS
Tomahawk, AB+1-780339-SSSS
Clyde, AB+1-780348-SSSS
Westlock, AB+1-780349-SSSS
Westlock, AB+1-780350-SSSS
Silver Valley, AB+1-780351-SSSS
Wetaskiwin, AB+1-780352-SSSS
Bonanza, AB+1-780353-SSSS
Beaver Lodge, AB+1-780354-SSSS
Faust, AB+1-780355-SSSS
Hythe, AB+1-780356-SSSS
Waskatenau, AB+1-780358-SSSS
Eaglesham, AB+1-780359-SSSS
Wetaskiwin, AB+1-780360-SSSS
Wetaskiwin, AB+1-780361-SSSS
Wetaskiwin, AB+1-780362-SSSS
Chipman, AB+1-780363-SSSS
Andrew, AB+1-780365-SSSS
Myrnam, AB+1-780366-SSSS
Willingdon, AB+1-780367-SSSS
Widewater, AB+1-780369-SSSS
Bashaw, AB+1-780372-SSSS