Database of North America’s phone numbers
Database of North America’s
phone numbers

Telephone Area 929

Phone numbers of the state New York
Prefix: +1929
This prefix is distributed within the state New York
The largest city in the region is Flushing
Time Zone: Eastern
Winter time: UTC-5
Summer time: UTC-4
Below on the map, there is indicated the largest city in the telephone area +1-929-...-.... New York Flushing.

Phone numbers +1-929-YYY-YYYY

Company District Major City Prefix
Metro PCSFlushing, NY+1-929200-SSSS
Metro PCSWoodside, NY+1-929233-SSSS
Broadview NetworksWoodside, NY+1-929268-SSSS
Peerless Network Of New York+1-929841-SSSS